ISO 3834 Certification

Conformity To The ISO 3834 Standard Provides Global Recognition And Assurance Of Welding Competence

DOTQSCertificationISO 3834 Certification

ISO 3834 – Quality Requirements for Welding – provides a method to demonstrate the capability of a manufacturer or fabricator to meet quality requirements of a specification, a product standard, or a regulatory requirement. DOTQS is accredited as a certification body to grant certification to qualified firms who meet requirements.

What you can expect

  • ISO 3834 contains three levels of requirements:  ISO 3834-2 Comprehensive Quality Requirements; ISO 3834-3 Standard Quality Requirements; and ISO 3834-4 Elementary Quality Requirements
  • Provides an authoritative, third-party confirmation of welding capability and staff competence
  • Improved client confidence leading to a reduction in external audits
  • Quality management and welding capability assessments carried out by certified quality auditors who are also certified in weld inspection
  • Increased national and international business potential; facilitates conformity to international standards referencing ISO 3834
  • Certification to ISO 3834 can be accomplished independently or together with other certifications. ISO 3834 Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding contain elements specific to the welding process as well as several of the key elements of typical quality management systems for manufacturing.

What you can do next

Inquire via email at info@dotqs.com or phone at 312-285-5344.

ISO 3834 Certification Services

Who we are

DOT Quality Services is accredited by the American National Standards Institute ANSI as a certification body to grant certification to qualified firms who meet requirements. ISO 3834 certification (and its predecessor EN 729) has been a requirement in Europe and Asia for decades. It is a “ticket to sit at the table” for many industries in those regions. DOTQS is the first certification body to be accredited in the United States to offer certification to ISO 3834. DOTQS auditors are also qualified to perform assessments for the USA ANBCC, which is the American Welding Society’s authorized national body of the International Institute of Welding. Certification to ISO 3834 is also possible through AWS if IIW recognition is important for your market.

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