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Qualify All Suppliers For a Critical Project

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Use this approach for a single project where you have critical concerns. Consider it to supplement planned inspection or surveillance.

With a project-based system, the program design and cost depends on:

  • Project duration
  • Project criticality — number of audit days and the talent and experience of the auditor required
  • Number and type of subcontractors

Consider including the GC, fabrication suppliers, erectors, and even design firms.​

State transportation departments who use these services believe that having a well-qualified group of suppliers who demonstrate sustained ability is essential for prime contractors to choose successful teams. DOTQS utilizes experienced quality professionals and engineers with technical and quality system credentials to assure an effective assessment service for a single project or to maintain an approved supplier group of fifty suppliers or more.

Owners also use DOTQS services to free up their own resources. Because these regular assessments deliver a more ready supplier group, the time and focus of owner personnel is better utilized on more complex issues in their departments.

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