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Focus In The Beginning Helps Prevent The Need To Put Out Fires Later On

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Opportunities that simplify construction or minimize fabrication and erection costs are more cost effective earlier in the project and worth the time. You probably already assess financial strength and bonding capability. Why wouldn’t you look at their basic capability to meet specifications the first time in an efficient manner?

Supplier qualification programs

Qualify the suppliers’ sustainable processes to produce a quality product to specifications, too—address specific requirements before, during, and after project award.

As an assessment member of your project team, DOTQS addresses these practical technical issues, leaving design engineering and commercial issues to those disciplines.

In-project services

DOTQS quality system specialists audit the detail drawings for compliance with project requirements and code and specification requirements called for by the project.

Our specialists can identify information while design engineers are at work so that impossible joint designs and non-relevant code requirements never make it to suppliers.

If your team scope is a design/build, CM/GC, or PPP, the influence can be shared earlier and can impact project outcome sooner.

Improve project communication

Clarity and completeness of information reduces the number of RFIs and can improve the clarity of their necessity. DOTQS specialists assess request for information documents traveling in both directions, contributing to clear project communications.

Welded joint designs

DOTQS has expertise in the requirements of codes and standards in the structural steel and the industrial construction sector. Our technical specialists review design drawings for constructability and completeness of information, which the suppliers will be looking for to complete their work. Another specialty is the workability of welded joint designs.​

Specifying NDE

Some owners and contractors who over-specify NDE (nondestructive examination) or specify NDE that is not possible for the joint location, joint configuration, and material thickness to be examined.

DOTQS helps identify and resolve these conflicts. It is more about specifying the appropriate quality and inspection level… not too much, not too little, but just right and always meeting industry codes.

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