Single Supplier

One Visit, One Firm, One Comprehensive Report

Our Single Supplier approach can help you assess a firm’s readiness to meet specific contract requirements before a project begins. It can also be used to qualify a design-build project supplier before bid. With your guidance, DOTQS will craft assessment criteria for the project specification. Our post-assessment report will clarify how the supplier does business, reveal their understanding of the project requirements, and ensure the supplier can yield the results you need.

Case Study: DOT Lift Bridge project

DOTQS conducted a single supplier audit for a DOT who had concerns about the readiness of their supplier. The DOT believed the assessment served two purposes:

1. The DOT Verification Inspector used the report to focus on areas of concern already identified during the pre-project assessment. For example: the fabricator did not apply preheat per code requirements for other welding work that was in the shop at the time of the audit. With this information, the DOT Verification Inspector could be sure he was present for the first few times preheat was required for his project and prevent a non-conformance before it became a serious problem.

2. The DOTQS report was shared with the Supplier, so they could see where they were falling work. The DOT Materials Engineer wanted the supplier to be aware and it seemed to “raise the bar” on the expectations for the project. The DOT had tolerated work that did not meet specifications from this supplier in the past. The report “got everybody on the same page” and they found the number and type of problems they did encounter were reduced significantly.

Since the audit and report review, the lift bridge project has gone well.”

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