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Qualify All Suppliers For a Critical Project

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Choose a single assessment for all suppliers during the initial stages of the project or at several assessment points for all suppliers at critical points during their fabrication, manufacture or service supply. This method is a great way to get started or to demonstrate the value of a supplier qualification program to yourself or a doubting corporate structure.

All Suppliers: Who and how to choose

Select a project where you have control of a group of suppliers that will have a clear impact on the project

Consider using DOTQS quality Professionals to conduct a review of the site receipt inspection procedure and material handling and location system for the site material staging area.

Increase your bid strength

Set your team apart on your next bid. Include the following language in your proposal to show you have taken it upon yourself to monitor your quality system. Let Project Owners know they don’t have to worry about your suppliers.

“The team will implement a formal project specific supplier qualification requirement for the suppliers to this project. Detailed assessments of the supplier’s quality management system including technical knowledge and capabilities are documented for the use of the team leadership. Contract specific requirements are addressed during these assessments. Potential deficiencies will be identified early by this process and addressed before there is any significant impact to schedule and cost.”

“The team also has a project quality assessment program that is applied to the communications, record keeping and functioning of the project team.”

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