Single Supplier

This Program Is a Single Visit To a Single Firm

There may be that one supplier that you have some concerns about that is critical path for your next project. Wouldn’t you like to know that they have the basics of a business and quality management system in place to integrate your requirements into their work schedule?

Your company has already reviewed their financial strength and bonding capacity, and corporate is comfortable that the supplier will not contribute to a construction project failure. Why not add an even more practical assurance to know if they are savvy in the quality and technical requirements for your project?

This can take the form of a single event planned at the start of a project before work begins or several assessments during the supplier’s fabrication cycle.

All Suppliers

This method is a great way to get started or to demonstrate the value of a supplier qualification program to yourself or a doubting corporate structure.

Examples of suppliers to consider in a typical small industrial or processing or energy site:

  • Tank Fabricator
  • Structural Steel Fabricator
  • Structural Steel Erector

Consider a review of a supplier’s purchasing system to confirm that the adequacy of the specified purchased requirements is ensured prior to their communication with their suppliers and material handling and location system for the site material staging area.

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