Engineering Technical Support Services

Short, Investigative Projects and Assessments, Long-Term Quality Programs and Standard Work Items

DOTQSEngineering Technical Support Services

Fast-turnaround expertise when you need it: Engineers and Technicians support the materials and fabrication offices of DOTs, Agencies Construction Managers and Contractors with short investigative projects and standard work items.

DOTQS is the ideal solution to handle overflow work from your own group or to manage full programs. Utilization may include:

  • Investigate materials or products requested for new or substitution
  • Document Agency internal processes for monitoring contracted QA inspector performance
  • Assess the reporting methods of inspectors
  • Assess materials suppliers
  • Assess project-specific suppliers or develop and administer long-term supplier qualification programs of fabricated or manufactured products
  • Create and execute industry certification training programs for technicians and contracted inspectors and suppliers
  • Review shop drawings for technical compliance
  • Develop and improve programs to standardize shop drawing reviews
  • Create, review and revise Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs), test procedures, and inspection reporting criteria
  • Serve as a resource for reviewing technical submittals from contractors and their suppliers:
    • Welding procedure documentation (WPS/PQR/WQTR)
    • Mix designs
    • Review and disposition of non-conformance requests
  • Review and address technical RFIs
  • Administrative services to:
    • Improve document layouts, improve readability and clarity.
    • Manage fabricator-accepted documentation submittals
    • Train groups on programs designed for the Agency

DOTQS is the solution for owners, agencies or suppliers that want to launch or enhance sustainable quality management systems. Control, assure or demonstrate the quality of manufacturing, fabrication and erection of your structures today.