Engineering Support Services

For busy engineering offices that need to do the work of many

DOTQSEngineering Support Services

Project details

DOTQS Engineers and Technicians have supported the engineering offices of DOTs and Agencies with short investigative projects and standard work items.

Standard work items can range from the review of shop/manufacturing drawings from a prestressed concrete plant or a steel fabrication facility. DOTQS engineers and technicians have provided solid and quick turnaround reviews of welding procedure specifications (WPSs) and the procedure qualification records (PQRs) that support them.

Investigative items might be reviewing a request from a contractor or subcontractor to substitute a method or product that is not preapproved by agency specifications.

Job description

Core Competencies in Engineering Services Support -Quality Planning for the Construction Manager (CM) -Creating or Revising of ITP’s, Plans, and Inspection Reporting -Quality Assurance & Quality Control -Managing Non-conformance Reports -Consult for compliance with the following:  Manufacturer Recommendations  Industry Standards and Regulations  Proper Sequence of Operation  Approved Submittals Including Construction Process Plans

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