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Beginning in 2012, DOTQS provided quality auditing services for the State of North Carolina Department of Transportation. We began auditing the quality management systems of their elastomeric pad manufacturers and, in 2015, added their temporary bridge manufacturer and steel bridge fabricator suppliers. Audits of the supplier’s quality management systems determined if they had systems that complied with NCDOT specifications and contract requirements.

DOTQS developed some initial program documents to assist suppliers in preparing for the audit and wrote letters and other instruments for the use of NCDOT personnel to inform and manage the program.

DOTQS evaluated quality manuals, created correspondence and managed the nonconformances resulting from audits on behalf of the Department. During our time with NCDOT, we discovered that suppliers were struggling with nonconformances; how to find a root cause, write an effective correction corrective action, and supply evidence backing up their responses. We were able to work with NCDOT and the suppliers to develop a system for responding to nonconformances that improved supplier quality overall This system also resulted in the removal of a nonconforming supplier from the approved supplier list, protecting the quality of product available to State projects.

DOTQS is the solution for owners, agencies or suppliers that want to launch or enhance sustainable quality management systems. Control, assure or demonstrate the quality of manufacturing, fabrication and erection of structures.