Prestressed Concrete Beam Suppliers

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Prestressed Concrete Beam Suppliers

DOTQS conducts audits to evaluate the readiness of suppliers in the prestressed-concrete sector.

Suppliers are assessed for compliance with standard quality management system requirements. Successful suppliers must demonstrate technical and management system compliance with PCI-MNL-116 Manual for Quality Control for Plants and Production of Structural Precast Concrete Products and PCI QSM1 Preparation Guidelines for a Quality System Manual of a PCI-Certified Plant.

DOTQS conducts assessments for state departments of transportation, such as Michigan MDOT, that include state-specific requirements from project-specific requirements, as well as special provisions and construction specifications.

DOTQS is the solution for owners, agencies or suppliers that want to launch or enhance sustainable quality management systems. Control, assure or demonstrate the quality of manufacturing, fabrication and erection of structures.